Sunny Beach is located in the Municipality of Nessebar. Bourgas Airport is 27 km from Sunny Beach and Bourgas is 40 km away. Sunny Beach is visited by thousands of tourists during the summer season. We offer transport and transfer from Bourgas Airport to and from hotels in Sunny Beach. Transfers are to major hotels such as Barceló Royal Beach, Cascades Family Resort, Hotel Ivana Palace, Menada Apartments In Royal Beach, Flamingo, Belleville, Hotel Helena Sands, lti Neptune Beach, Grand Oasis and more.Depending on the number of passengers we can provide a car, minivan, and in larger groups a minibus. The driver takes into account the desire of passengers for their more comfortable journey. We monitor flights for their arrival, departure or delay. Drivers wait without changing the fixed price given to you. If you need high chairs, you are provided free of charge for the time you will be traveling. As from the airport we can also pick you up from an address or a city convenient for  you. Helps to load and unload passengers’ luggage. To order a transfer please fill in the online application or call the specified number.


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